Stream Live from Anywhere

Stream Capital is a Cape Town based company specialising in Live Streaming events. We make it easy for you to deliver your live content from all sorts of locations to an audience anywhere in the world.

Live streaming is one of the best ways to connect to your audiance, community or business partners.

We have everything you need to Live stream

We can provide you with a production setup involving lights, cameras and directors or if you would like to do it yourself we could provide you with a platform from which you can stream your own content.

Adaptive streaming

Deliver the best experience across devices, even when bandwidth is limited.

Video vault

Centralise all your live and on-demand video content securely.

Tailoured experience

We've got you covered, we'll enable you to deliver your content the way you want.

Live stream from film sets

Deliver a live stream to clients anywhere in the world directly from the film set.

Inspection streaming

Stay at home or at the office and we'll go the site for you.

Live conference

We'll help you conceptualise and deliver your conference to your audience.

Live event

If you are launching a product or making an announcement, we can help you deliver it.


Create training video's and deliver them to company wide.


Online learning provides students a way of furthering themselves at their own pace and in their own time.

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